Sunday, June 5, 2011

dream of a cat

So I had a dream a few nights ago.


I was a cat. Much like the cat I have in my waking life, I was orange and seeking adventure. I crept outside while my human counterparts were holding the door for some reason or another. Outside, I was free.

I ran around and frolicked for a while. Grass was fun to chew on, though I didn't really understand why. Eventually, as I was running around, I saw a mouse. He was tiny and cute. I Thought to myself, he would be fun to play with!

"Hey mouse! Wanna come play!" The mouse just stared at me blankly for a second, and then turned around and skittered away. I don't think mice could speak in this dream of mine, because they were merely animals whereas cats were somehow more. I didn't care though, we didn't need to talk to have fun, so I ran after him. "Wait up!"

My feline self thought back to my childhood. My momma cat would always come up to me and grab me by the scruff of my neck. She would carry me around like this. I couldn't remember it hurting at all; actually, it was kind of fun. It was like a free ride. I bet my new mouse friend would like a free ride!

I chased after the mouse and it wasn't long until I had him pinned down. "Come on," I purred, "I'll take you to my place!" I swiftly ducked my head down and grabbed him by his neck. He didn't seem to like it at first, but he slowly stopped struggling and became relaxed; limp and relaxed.

When we got home, I let him out of my vice. "We're home!" I looked down and saw the mouse.

Oh no. My friend...


  1. awesome stuff mmmm

  2. Haha that's interesting.

  3. Cats are the coolest animals

    -Looking friendly, always
    -x-Men retractable claws
    -you can pick them up with just one hand

    Love it.

  4. jonnaerteman: cat's definitely don't always look friendly

    Jack: you have a weird mind. i'm jealous actually. i don't dream at all :/

  5. You should check out Mark over at

    Harness your crazy dreaming power

  6. this looks like it could be the beginning of a chapter of a short book that i would read after work. kind of like a pick-me-up for the mind, but still really relaxing. good tone!